SDCC 2016 exclusive toys

SDCC Exclusives have entered my awareness. And my wallet….

I’d dig a Moon Boy and Lockjaw figure but the rest of the set….meh….perhaps if i get a good deal like with Black Bolt and comic-version Star Lord a few years ago.


I dig the MOTU keshi that Super7 released last year and this set looks awesome! But i haven’t found a good price for the set. Perhaps after the event….


Pre-ordered this set for a very good price. Don’t know why, but i like the design of those two. But baby Hazel is missing.


Had to get an Obi-Wan. Getting Black Series figures in austria is a tricky business. I’m still missing Elo Asty for example, and even though this figure will arrive in the regular line i’d gladly pay more and spare myself the hunting.
Kylo is a Celebration Europe exclusive. I’d get the figure solely for the damaged Vader helmet. Adam Driver’s likeness is just….it did not take me out of the movie like some people i know, but on this photos, which were made for publication purposes, i don’t dig the sculpt.


I’m not sure about those guys. I dug the Kenner MOTU-prototype exclusives from last year, but the coloured versions loose a lot of charm. Perhaps different colour-schemes or the incorporation of designs that were in the actual prototype stage at Mattel could give me the push to have to get them.
I probably will anyhow.

Will you get any of the SDCC excluisve articles? Do you have a whishlist?

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