comics [25/2016]

    Usagi Yojimbo no.155 (2016)
Man, Usagi Yojimbo has become a port in the storm of comic reading. This issue continues the trend of solid entertainment. Usaginis drafted into a series of murders in a temple. Stan Sakai’s artwork has become kind of “sketchy”, rather “raw” for me, not bad, it is the natural evolution of Stan Sakai’s artwork, and it makes our favourite ronin seem older and in the context of the mystery killer, enhances the eerie situation.

    Divinty II no.3 (2016)

I understand the less pleasant things people say about the first and this Divinity series, and while this one seems to inform us about the limitations of Myshka and Abram’s abillities, it is also a sci-fi tale about being careful what you wish for, how our need for perfection and order causes even more chaos than we experience without our interference. Also, how will this series end? Myshka will most likely not go into a self imposed exile like Abram did at the end of the first series.
I like the rather clean artwork because it helps anchoring the story of two almost almighty beings in conflict with each other.

    Rai no.14 (2016)

Reading this series knowing what is happening in the current Valiantcomics event, 4001ad, makes the events even more impactful. Father, the artificial intelligence governing the now airborne nation of japan connected with the citizens through an avatar, Rai. And while the Rai this issue opens with tries to appeal to humanities compassion and goodwill, Father has already decided that the hand he extends should form a fist.

    Rumble no.11 (2016)

Do yourself a favour and get Rumble. It might be a power fantasy story, but it is seasoned with metaphors of real life issues. It is a story about growth, leaving save zones but not to conquer and poison oneself with further sins, but to grow ones hearts. And James Harren’s artwork, perfectly capturing the madness of the proceedings.

    Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw no.11 (2016)

There was another panel i’d like to post, but this just encompases the “fuck yeah” nature of the issue. We get a few answers but a bag of new questions is being delivered too. And i enjoy the coarse language to much….

    Power Man and Iron Fist no.5 (2016)

Great issue! Yeah, the “see a story from different perspectives” trick might be one of the oldest in the book, but it works with the humorus nature of the story. With all the Civil War shenanigangs it’s good to read a nice street level story. (I just hope Danny gets a motivation beyond “i just want to do cool shit with my pal Luke”.)
Sanford Greene’s artwork is so fluid!

copyright lies with the respective owners, photos taken for review purposes


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