comics! [24/2016]

  Kill Six Billion Demons will be released in a printed edition in september! It’s a great looking webcomic that started last year and tells a complex story in beautiful artwork and hilarious backmatter.

  Panels has a neat article why reading comics/books could be akin to time travel. Or boil space time like Grant Morisson once said.
[Panels article]
[boiling space time]


  Space Mullet vol.1 (2016)

A great read! It’s an 80s buddy movie in space. But it is not just action, there is also heart. Now, some storybeats might be foreseeable, but that does not matter because it works like a well oiled machine.
[link to webcomic]


  Weird Detective no.1 (2016)
I’ve read part of the issue when it was released in the Dark Horse Presents anthology series and it caught my attention then.
The story revolves about a truly weird detective, that from trying to do his job with the least resistance suddenly turns into a super cop. The bulk of the story follows his monologue, which the reader needs to comprehend some of the special abilities that are employed.
The artwork is sketchy and somehow “feverish” but enhances the atmosphere of madness that slowly descends.
Looks awesome when a guy gets pulled into his….i let you discover that.


  Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham (2015)
I had this in my reading pile for to long. Mike Mignola tells a Batman Elseworlds story that is looking for his equal. Names and previous histories do not protect anybody in this version of the Batman mythos and end with the Dark Knight being more than just a protector at the gates of gotham.


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