comic reviews [23/2016]

 Shutter no.22 (2016)


[disclaimer: swearing inbound] Fuck. After a motherfucker of an issue that left no stone unturned, that ended with a cliffhanger that is the equivalent to Marvel and DC getting rid of all “B and C listers” and then this….
Great issue! Artwork is awesome as always, feels like your reading an illustrated children’s book if you like your kids to witness a fucking massacre. That’s my quote for the trade.


 Baker Street Peculiars no.4 (2016)
The final issue. Hopefully for now, because i like Roger Langridge’s work. The world he is creating are twisted and dark, but there is humor in the inhabitants and the protagonists have the will to not give into the darkness that surrounds them. So it is sad to see the Baker Street Peculiars go. It is also sad that the Sherlock Holmes hook isn’t entirely followed through because the plot is started by magical means, but there is the great reveal and twist upon Holmes persona.
Hopefully there’ll be a second mini-series.

 Tokyo Ghost no.1-6 (2015/16)
Another soapbox by Rick Remender. That guy….every title of his that is published outside of the big two (did he ever do something for DC?) makes me uncomfortable. This man is putting his heart on the page, in the guise of a sci-fi story or a school where killers are trained, but at the core of them is an honesty that always makes me feel bad. Tokyo Ghost is no excuse. In a future where technology is the means to distract people from the state of reality we follow constables Debbie and Led take down threats to this “utopia”. While Led is full of implants that keep his body in shape and his mind distracted by a constant stream of media while Debbie is one of the few human beings free of tech. A last job, infiltrating a village in japan that houses an EMP-Field generator that keeps the US from invading.
Instead of an enemy they encounter compassion and the chance of a better life.
Until it all goes to hell.
“Comics will break your heart.” Jack Kirby said. And it’s true, the industry breaks the creatives and they in turn break our hearts. This book not only offers a horrible look at where our instant gratification/constant bombardment with stuff culture could lead us set against a seemingly hopeless love story.
No good deed goes unpunished, is the thing that comes to mind when i think of this book.
Sean Murphy’s art is not entirely my cup of tea, but it fits the mood the story conveys, this maddening feeling of everybody being aware that things have gone to shit and the flushing is a matter of time, but everybody is trying to drown it out.


 quick reviews

 Copra Versus no.1 (2016)
The story of DyDy. Great artwork, some haunting panels and a promise to the future.

 Kaijumax season2 no.2 (2016)
Continues to be an awesome title. It might seem al cutesy for people who don’t read it, but under the premise and art lies a story that would break hearts and win Oscars if told with humans.
The panel with….you know what, let’s say there is a thing in there that made me cringe and looking forward to the next issue.

 Injection no.10 (2016)
Ending of the second arc. See my statement about Shutter: Fuck….
The artwork in this issue conveys the state of the characters perfectly. The use of colour and depth first seemed odd to me, but once you get the context it all comes together.
Looking forward to the Breakers Yard.

 Head Lopper no.4 (2016)
Final issue. Epic end battle. Heads are being lopped. Love the series and am glad that a second arc is coming. What is bothering me a bit is that we get an epilogue in the trade.

 The Vision no.8 (2016)
No misses in this series so far. Perfect pacing in every issue. This is more than just providing a comic for a character that has been introduced into the movies, it is a companion for the MCU Vision as well as a good continuation of the comic versions story.

 Thunderbolts no.2 (2016)
Feels like a contemporary take on a 90s book. But so far is fun to read.

 Detective Comics no.934 (2016)
Great first issue.
I’m worried where it might go and it would have been great to make Detective Comics a series of short stories by different creative teams featuring different characters and create a new Batman title for this story. That was the common practice, right?
But for now, lets enjoy the title.

photo © lies with the respective owners, taken for review purposes


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