comics! [22/2016]

    Danny the street, a character/location from Grant Morisson’s run on Doom Patrol has been officially made into a map for the ever popular Heroclix tabletop game. The map has been banned from being used at tournaments. Could a reason be the fact that it is a cross-dressing street?
[link to article | wikipedia]

    Roger Langridge should do a collection of Fez comics


    “What’s The Worst That Could Happen Over Marvel Studios/Comics Split?” asked Bleeding Cool….Dawn Of Justice feels like a pre-meditated answer.


    Casanova Acedia no.5 (2016)
As much as i like the series, the decision to include the extra material only in the physical version of the issue is a slap in the face of digital readers. Yes, the digital version costs 90cents and i understand the motivation to guide people towards comic shops, but then there are readers like me, who’d have gladly payed the regular price and started reading comics digital because their basement and part of their flats are already filled to the brink with comics.
That’s it for all things Matt Fraction related for the foreseeable future.


    Moon Knight no.3 (2016)
Talk about decompressed storytelling.
But now that the gang is in new egypt, the heat is on.
Although it belittles the achievements of the ancient egypts, i still dig the idea of omnidimensional beings using Marc Spektor’s mental state to use him as their tool. Or is he just nuts? I hope that question gets resolved to a degree, because the sequences in which Marc is told to use his madness to his advantage, as empowering as they might sound, make mental health problems seem more romantic than they are.


    Paper Girls no.6 (2016)
Again, glacial pace. But there is so much more than just story in the pages of this comic, but also the sense of wonder. And this weird commentary on how the times have changed. It’s good to see the heroines marvel at the power of HD screens and smartphones. I hope that we get to see what led Erin to “maintain” her life. And not just get a “i never had the opportunity to”. Put the pace and expectations to use.


quick thoughts:

    Civil War II could have been a standard Avengers story that crosses over with tie-ins. The story does not feel big and the two deaths are a waste.

© lies with the respective owners, photos taken for review purposes


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