thoughts on comics [21/2016]

•So this months Previews catalogue came with the order book, Marvel’s own catalogue aaaaaaaand the first issue of Image+, well, Image comics attempt and recreating the experience one has when chatting about comics at the shop.

Noble goals, but lets be frank, Image has become a major players in the Game Of Shelves and this is another attempt to get eyeballs on their product. Which is getting annoying because flooding the market with new number ones can’t work forever, the other sharks are smelling the blood too. And there are dozens of creators that proof that the Image model isn’t the magical solution, no matter how good the work.
While the interviews in it are neat, the opening page makes the mission of this publication clear: this is the Image wank companion.

•Dan Hipp posted a Star Wars piece on his blog which is haunting and is a great bridge between THE TRILOGY and the new movies.

•Honest Trailer for the X-Men animated series.

•Foxy from the Super Awesome Comic Review Show sums up my feelings for the departure of Weirdworld because Sam Humpries is leaving for DC comics.

•Sooo, i guess by this point it’s common knowledge that Captain America seems to have a thing for Hydra in the comics. But not the cleanly separated from the nazis Hydra of the movies but the not so cleanly separated from the nazis version of the comics. And naturally this has stirred up some discussion. Panels has a great article out about why this wasn’t such a great idea while some people on the net proposed the idea that the Red Skull is changing the past with the aid of a cosmic cube, thus explaining the red accents on the clothes of the woman recruiting Sarah Rogers for Hydra.
I personally think that this was a dumb move by Marvel. Yes, it probably helped gaining publicity in the week that DC pretended to reboot its continuity again, but at what cost? Even if there is some reality changing explanation and retconning and a Simon/Kirby issue that has Cap under the control of the Red Skull, it weakens the character and Doctor Ereskine would have probably smelled the bait that Steve is presented as.
The only good thing about it is the fact that in involves modern societal problems as the breeding ground that Hydra recruits from. Nighthawk did that as well this week and Black Panther already did it for two issues, and it is a good thing that certain aspects of reality can be worked into superhero comics these days to educate people on matters of the day and providing a power fantasy that might help in overcome them.
This however will take some time and a lot of selective forgetting to overcome.
[Panels article]

[update] John Siuntress interviewed writer Nick Spencer about the matter. I believe the guy has the right to word his reason (he doesn’t, sure it wiuld make reading the rest of the issues superfluous but it’s nonetheless interesting to get some backmatter)

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