comic reviews [21/2016]

DC Rebirth no.1 (2016)

The big elephant in the room of comics this week. After five(?) years of trying to make it work, DC-Comics is trying to unmake it. And for me it doesn’t work either. Yes, they are hitting some big points and they are invoking a lot of emotional beats, Ted Kord, Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi, Wally West, the return of the Legion of Superheroes and whoever is wearing the helmet of Fate in this were all great and made my fan heart skip a beat. But the the inclusion of the characters from Watchmen (which did not cause the social media madness i anticipated) feels like further baggage rather than breaking things to fashion something new.
And Batman being treated like a complete idiot doesn’t make it any better. His journey from the world’s greatest detective to DC’s Wolverine is now complete.
Of course Geoff Johns and his stable of artists know how to tell this, but i wish they had the opportunity to leave the nu52 behind and craft something new or just go back to a pre-Flashpoint DC-Universe. The Multiverse is back after all, why not take one earth out of it? And now that Johns is more involved in the movie production process, it’s probably up to the editorial staff to keep the show going on. Perhaps it’ll turn out better this time.

Uncanny Avengers no.9 (2016)

Hank Pym is back!! Well, a fusion of what is left of Hank Pym’s organic parts and Ultron. Of course the Uncanny Avengers are worried and while there are two or three page turners that could have started of a round of punching but get defused by Hank, he does something rather aggressive at the end.
As much as i dig Hank Pym, it seems like he is set up for disaster. Again. Perhaps it would have been for the best to leave the outgoing of his fusion with Ultron in the pages of Rage Of Ultron unknown for a little longer. The character has been portrayed as being honest about all his faults and trying to do right. If this version ends up with being an Ultron that thinks it’s human it would have been better to leave his father dead.

Future Quest no.1 (2016)

Now why this not get the attention that DC Rebirth got? I must admit that i did not believe in the Hanna-Barbera comics and i bought this mainly because of the artwork by Doc Shaner, but this is so much more than just pretty pictures that fondle my nostalgic parts. It opens with a new origin story for Space Ghost that is dark, but less grim than the one by Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti from the early 2000s. The rest is pure Hanna-Barbera as we know it (was Birdman part of a spy organization? i’m not sure about that). The Quest characters are off doing their stuff and with it, providing the fuel to get the story going.
It is the sheer joy that oozes of the pages that makes this comic a great read. Of course it has to take liberties to make the story work, but it feels like the core of the characters has been left intact.
It’s sad that Darwyn Cooke passed because he was one of the catalysts behind the whole Hanna-Barbera project and it would have been interesting to see his work on the characters.
Hopefully this title will act as a successful introduction for new fans of these franchises.


Power Man and Iron Fist no.5 (2016)

And that’s a wrap for the first arc. The band is back together, well, except for one member. And while the issue offers a satisfying conclusion, the place that Jennie Royce and Black Mariah end up in doesn’t sit right with me. Artwork remains great and the story has the right pacing and humor.


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