Little Golden Books Star Wars


So i sat down with my youngest Niece today to tell her a bit about Star Wars. Since she is five years old, i’m not ok with watching the actual movies with her, but i got the Little Golden Books retelling of The Force Awakens and I am a Jedi, which is a general overview of what makes a Jedi Knight a Jedi Knight without mentioning mediclorians.
I was amazed by how enthusiastic she was about it. She wanted to know as much as i knew about background characters and once she heard that Kylo Ren is the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, all about the family connections. When we got to the end, she herself found out that Luke is Kylo’s uncle and later, while reading through the Jedi book, that Vader is his grandfather.
And that seemed to delight her, that it’s not only friends and political motivated characters coming together, but also families whose struggles we can relate to (to a certain degree).

She wants to hear the rest of the story too. I hope because of her own volition rather than to please her uncle.


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