comics! [18/52]

Copra Round Two

Michel Fiffe’s Copra is one of those books that are crazy hard to get the first time, but once your in your effort gets compensated with the quality that goes into each issue.
The collected editions are no exception. While the big two could print some of their output onto toilet paper and nobody would notice a difference (which is a statement that throws the issue out of proportions), Copra gets printed on beautiful paperstock with a bit of a tooth to it. So one could say “Hey, while appreciated, the heavier paper will surely be a compromise in regards to content.” Nope, it is not. The balance between compressed and decompressed storytelling is well balanced. Also, Mr. Fiffe appreciates his readers and you see it in his storytelling. A lot of narrative work has already been done by reading popular comics and this basic knowledge is used here, so the explanation can be put aside and instead we dig right into the meat.
In this volume we see the Copra team cornered. But as we all heard in several action movies: a cornered fox is the most dangerous. And when individuals such as these have a reputation to uphold and their names to wash they leave a trail of destruction (and not just in our dimension).

Wonder Woman-Earth One vol.1

I won’t talk around much, with my limited knowledge of the character it seems to be the most holistic rendition of Wonder Woman. A higher page count would have been neat, but that would have involved an action sequence which would have damaged the story. With Yanick Paquette on art the book gets the visual treatment it deserves. Looking forward to volume two. I just wish this version of Diana would become the new canonical one.

Spidey no.5 (2016)

I thought long about reading this one, but it is a fun comic. Current Peter Parker isn’t my jam, but reading a few exploits/retellings of older stories shows the strength that lies in the simpleness of the character.
Also i really dig the art by Andre Aruajo.

Bad Machinery vol.4: The Case Of The Lonely One (2016)

This title is addictive. Every volume is extremely funny and clever and despite the craziness that is happening there is something relatable in there. Because we all had the weird friends or were someones weird buddy, but could not realize this because we perceived ourselves as perfectly normal.
And i don’t like dolphins.
Next volume should be out in the middle of may.

Invincible Iron Man no.8 (2016)

Sometimes i like a Bendis written comic. Most times i don’t. Also, art on this title isn’t my cup of tea.

Giant Days no.14 (2016)

Like with Bad Machinery, funny and clever. And while most of the people in the book are interpretations of people you’d jump in a truckload of manure to escape from, i dig it. I had that with Scott Pilgrim.

4001ad no.1 (2016)

Valiant has established itself as a valuable addition to any genre fan’s pull list and continues to put out great comics. Now, event titles are a tricky endeavor, but even with my limited knowledge of the proceedings in Valiants overall story i felt like i wasn’t dropped into a game of inside baseball. But one of the strengths of Valiant is the good planning of events and how they influence their line.
What bothers me is the art. It looks great, but the rather realistic renditions look static and in the end i lost orientation for a bit. But i’m hooked nonetheless.

DKIII – The Master Race no.1-3 (2015/16)

When i read the solicitation i wasn’t expecting much from it. I’m glad that it isn’t as bad as i thought. Perhaps because Frank Miller is not left alone with writing and drawing the story. While i appreciate Miller’s work on Sin City and the other usual suspects, his modern work doesn’t snap fingers in the same gang as me (Miller reminds me of New York, which reminds me of gangs, the Warriors is a blind spot of mine so i went to West Side Story).                        The story idea is great, but even without the dangers of the antagonists, which are a great surprise, it would be interesting to explore Bruce’s look on his life with the eyes of the older and wiser character he has become.
I wish Morisson would work on that.
The page i choose to show includes Batman utter one of the questions that fuel his crusade, being brave or just wise enough to ask someone close to him.

Negative Space no.1-4 (2015/16)

This is a tricky title. It is a story about depression and what actions it drives humans to take. In the context of the story, a company is “manufacturing” negative feelings in human beings in the service of an alien race that feeds on them. A bout of writer’s block while writing his suicide note plunges a writer into the midst of the conflict.

Moon Knight no.2 (2016)

Interesting approach to the possible nature of Khonshu and other deities in the Marvel universe. But the pace….this will probably be a great trade. The artwork is great because it feels like there are subtle nuances that other artists brought to modern Moon Knight stories in the last couple of years worked into the presentation, enhancing the multiple personality theme.

Punisher no.1 (2016)

Waste of time and money. Perhaps there is a bigger story planned, but the whole “one man fucks up everything in his path approach” does not work for me anymore.


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