comic review 2/16

Descender no.9 (2016)


With all the world shattering events that almost overshadowed everything else in “mainstream” comics this weeki wanted to focus on a title that dealt it’s punches in a subtle manner. Because we all know what a rodeo with Jeff Lemire is like: with issues like this one he is triangulating the perfect way to kick our emotional groin.
A lot of set up and orientation is happening here. The Tims are getting to know each other, Andy is starting to get on his former brother-droid’s trail and we get to see the next big set-piece.
I’m still in awe of the warercoloured artwork by Dustin Nguyen. The sketchy nature makes it feel like a sci-fi dream the reader is experiencing. The toothy look of the paper makes the artwork look sharper while the watercolours introduce a sense of flux.

photos taken for review purposes,
© lies with the respective owners

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