comic reviews 1/2016

  • Rumble no.10 (2015)
  • Justice League no.46 & 47 (2015)
  • Giant Days no.10 (2016)
  • Mythic no.6 (2016)
  • Weirdworld no.1 (2015)
  • Human Soup no.1 (2016)

Rumble no.10 (2015)


Once Rumble has the reader in its grip, there is no letting go.
This issue plays to all the strenghts if the title. There is some foul language, some violence but despite the rough nature, every character is not devoid of emotion and agency. With the number of issues, another layer of this world gets peeled back and reveals another grey zone in a world that seemed black and white a few issues ago.

Justice League no.46 & .47 (2015)


Big Barda and Mister Miracle? I’m in.
It is so good to see thhe two back. The whole Darkseid War story is a bit lackluster, not even Batron can change that, but seeing my favourite couple in comics together again brings joy to my heart.

Giant Days no.10 (2016)


Giant Days either works or is does not. This issue worked. Perfectly. It’s paced good and balances humor and “seriousness” so one does not overtake the other, but go hand in hand.

Mythic no.6 (2016)


Hopefully the numbers add up for Mythic. After a rather slow start, this title made it very high on the “keep an eye out for”-list. Now it feels like a title Vertigo could have published alongside its classics.
The main story is cut short in favor of a backup about Agent Waterson’s past, as was the case in the issue before, but it is needed to setup events.
As mentioned before, i’m afraid this title’s run could be cut short because of a lack of exposure, but it is worth your time if you liked Hellblazer or Fables.

Weirdworld no.1 (2015)


More Mike Del Mundo Weirdworld!
The writing duties of this post Secret Wars run are handled by Sam Humphries who crafted an engaging narrative to bring us back into Weirdworld through a set of new eyes.

Human Soup no.1 (2016)


A 24 hour comic by John Allison that tells the story of John, who lost his swimming-pool locker wristband and a thight schedule thatrequires him to retrieve it as fast as possible.
It’s short and sweet and reminded me of the stressful times i had in public pools.

all screenshots taken for review purposes,
image © lies with the respective owners


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