playing Disney Infinty with the young ones

My Nieces were visiting me yesterday and we played a few minutes with the Force Awakens figures that recently hit the shelves. Here are a few impressions:


Obi Wan realxes a bit while Ahsoka destroys property of the rebellion.



Poe Dameron, resistance badass.



And here comes the weird but awesome thing. We chose Mabel from Gravity Falls to be Poe’s sidekick. We equiped her with a rocket launcher and a roman helmet. We started out with handing her a throwing knive.

All in all we had a fun time and we stuck to the hour that i set for us and went for a walk afterwards.
And bought a 3DS power supply on the way because the older niece had lost hers.

I’m considering getting Lego Dimensions. It looks fun, the only reason that is holding me back is the price point and that i already drowned my wallet with Infinity and use it mainly to fill shelf space instead of playing the game or building levels.

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