comic review 52/2015

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe no.10 (2015)


Finally a new issue! Again it is a wild ride fueled by the imagination of Tom Scioli and John Barber. This issue alone is filled with enough stuff that would make up a few years worth of comics published by one of the big two.
But seriously, we are all craving an injection of fresh blood into our stacks, yet this book does not get the recognition it deserves.
The artwork needs to grow on the reader, but once you’re accepting the big, mechanical hand this title is offering you, it is a rewarding experience that might be based on licensed properties but is not afraid to tranform them to fit the creators vision.
The prose story in the back would make up a four issue or more run of a better selling title.

screenshot taken for review purposes, © lies with the respective owners


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