Comic Reviews 48/52 (2015)

Another rather short edition of the reviews. Time for comics is a commodity that is worth gold these days.

  • Rumble no.9 (2015)
  • Ringside no.1 (2015)

Rumble no.9 (2015)


It took me some time, but Rumble has become one of my favourite comics.
The story started a bit slow due to the nature of it. To me, the story progresses rather gingerly, in this issue in particular. There is action and enough progression to keep the reader interested, but the reason for progression lies in re-examining a part of the story that seemed to be “finished” and opening up a new window, granting us a new perspective.
The art stays great. What i dig in particular, is that the art style makes the monsters integrate seamlessly into the reality of this world. They are a part of it, and the art does emphasizes it.

Ringside no.1 (2015)


Ringside is hard to talk about. To be honest, i was dissapointed after i finished it the first time. But after i read the interview with the creators that the backmatter section is comprised of, it became clear what the intentions behind the things that did not click with me are, and made me look forward to where it will be heading.
The current story revolves about a former wrestling performer who returns to the US to help a former friend. On the way there he gets confronted with his former profession and the scars it left on his life.
The art is scetchy and rough and suits the mood.
Like i mentioned, i’m looking forward to more, but i can understand why it is not as universally appealing as other popular titles.

picture © lies with the respective owners


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