Star Wars toy report: Admiral Ackbar


One of my favourite characters from the trilogy immortalized as a moveable, plastic avatar.
Since the dismissal of the legends continuity i know less about Gial Ackbar than before. He’s in the book Star Wars: Aftermath, which i haven’t finished reading yet, but so far he is shown as an elder soldier, trying to stay on top of things. And it seems like his expertise as a military leader is needed more than before to built the New Republic.


This figure is from Hasbro’s Vintage Collection, number VC22, which i got with a dented card at the sale of a local toy store.
He comes with some sort of tablet and his “presentation stick” from when he briefed the rebels in Episode VI. At the time i took the photos the accessiores where somewhere in storage, but i wanted to get the photos out, so i left them out.


I really like this representation of Admiral Ackbar. The figure looks like it would feel moist. The sculpt is well made, portraying the weight of Ackbar’s responisbilities but also incorporating the relieved look on his face from when the second Death Star fell. Given the right light and angle, there is also a slight look of sadness on his face.
The white on the sleeves and trousers might not line up perfectly with the white on his uniforms upper torso part, but that is ok with me.


I consider the six bucks i paid for the figure to be a bargain. He is one of my favourites, and taking photos of him has been such a joy. You can’t repel awesomeness of this magnitude! But even at full price i don’t consider this figure to be a trap.


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