Star Wars toy report: Pilot Asty (Hasbro 3,75 inch version)


What do we know about Asty? He’s a pilot and he flies under the banner of the New Republic.
That’s it.
I assume Asty to be flying in Poe Dameron’s squadron. From the posture and the facial expression of the figure, he seems to be the silent but determined type. A guy who got his buddy’s back, always keeps a cool head and perhaps even the best pilot of the squad but due to his character lacking the skills necessary to lead.
Not bad for a character that will probably only be featured in the movie for a few moments.

Hasbro 3,75″ version


The sculpt of the figure is, like most of the other figures from the 3,75″ series, great! The suit seems to be a bit large, like pilot suits are, sports a bendable tube that runs from the chest piece to his left trouser pocket. The figure comes with a pistol that can be stored in a holster.



The facial sculpt is excellent. Asty means business.
This figure has a few yellow paintmarks on the helmet. Like with Poe Dameron, the helmet is part of the head sculpt.
As an extra accessory, the figure comes with a jetpack, that can be combined with the other figures accessories to form some sort of super-thing. Which, in this reviewers opinion, is a completely unnecessary piece of plastic. The inclusion of the jetpack results in a hole in the back of the figure in which to peg it.


I like this figure and i’m looking forward to the Black Series release. The rest of his face is something i’m looking forward to seeing. The fice points of articulation might be a dealbraker for some, but a good sculpt is more important for this reviewer.

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