Star Wars toy report: Darth Vader & Ahsoka Tano

When Hasbro let us know that they are releasing an Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader figure based on their likeness from Star Wars Rebels, i was looking forward to them very much. Vader in particular because of the design choice to work the Ralph McQuarrie designs, making him look a it more vicious than the final desgin.

Both figures are sold as a set in the Mission line with the new packaging. Both figures come with their signature lightsaber, sabers in Ahsoka’s case as well as a disc-shooter gimmick which this reviewer could have happily lived without. Both figures have a small sculpted on hook on their hip where the disc can be stored. It does not make the sculpt any less good, but when you see it, it might bother you (until you forget about it).

Here is a photo of both figures:


Let’s start of with Darth Vader.

As mentioned this iteration of the character incorporates a few more of the Ralph McQuarrie design. While still apparent, they have been toned down for the final production figure. Which is sad because i liked the silhouette of the figure, in the show Vader looked sleeker, and the cape wraped around his narrow shoulders made him feel faster and more predatory than he looked in the movies.


The slighty tilted back helmet makes him look more aware of is surroundings, always scanning for a potential target, always on the hunt. The rather blocky frame of the production figure ties more into the look of the final movie design.

I actually like the the always “puffed up” version of the cape. I imagine Vader using the force to brush aside the cape instead of just raising his arms to further intimidate any opposite party.


The tinted lenses tie in nicely with Vader’s look in Episode IV and the larger mouthpiece and nose give him a more predatory look. And there are angry eyebrows, those are always a good choice to communicate how bad a bad guy is.


Sculpted legs under in his tunic, a detail i already enjoyed immensely with Kylo Ren.

This photo also shows how stiff the cape is, and that its weight makes him hard to pose and he is already very restricted when it comes to posing. This figure lives and dies with the modifications made to the helmet and the cape.


Now, Ahsoka is a figure i’m sadly not so happy with. She might resemble the adult version we see in Star Wars Rebels, i like the new look she has, granting her the movement necessary to fight with two lightsabers while providing some protection.

But the face sculpt on my figure looks….disinterested.


But she looks a lot better from the side.

A few more details on her lightsabers hilts would have been nice too.


BUt what i really like is the blue on her “head-tails”. I might have enhanced it a bit for the photos, but it also looks good in reality.


Finishing off this review is a shot of the final confrontation between former master and apprentice. Will Darth Vader sever the last tie to his past as a Jedi Knight or will he let his former pupil leave this confrontation alive?


Took a second one, just in case. Don’t know which one i like better.



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