i gave up and bought: Disney Infinty 3.0

Two weeks ago i held the Rise Against The Empire expansion for Disney Infinty 3.0 in my hands, planning to exchange it for the sum of money the store asked for.
But at that moment, my interest was focused on the two figures the expansion contains: the Skywalker twins. But for 30 bucks, i considered looking on the secondary market.
When we left the store, the Wife told me how proud she is of me for putting the set back on the shelf.

A few hours later i got an e-mail from an online vendor, telling me that i can get the Disney Infinty 3.0 starter set with the Rise Against The Empire expansion and a Boba Fett figure for 50 euros off the initial price. Because i still had store credit i agreed on the deal.

The set arrived last friday, but i have not been able to set it up until yesterday.
I considered gifting the game and the base station to a younger member of the family or a co-workers kid so they could use it on the next-gen consoles, but after starting the Rise Against The Empire game i’m seriously considering keeping it for myself.
It is a lot of fun! I spent a few hours exploring Mos Eisley, Jabba’s Palace, the Sarlacc pit (who sadly seems to have kept his beak in the new canon), the parts if Tatooine i’m allowed to enter collected the members of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes so they could preform at the Cantina.
Of course the controls are a bit sluggish, but it is aimed at a younger audience who’ll handle the game easier if it acts with a certain lag.
But the presentation, while being streamlined to fit the Disney asthetic, so again, to suit a younger audience uis charming and detailed. If you find Cornelius Evazan in the Cantina you can shot him in the face, he’ll tilt his head back and then move on, no hard feelings.
And everything is held together by the beautiful score Star Wars fans know and enjoy so much.

What worried me a bit, and i could be overthinking this is, in the beginning intro sequence Han, Leia, Chewie and Luke, blasters in hand, are discovered by three Stormtroopers. Of course the advesaries are beat. In this case by Han shooting a grate from the ceiling.
It’s a kids game, of course they won’t shoot the Troopers in the face.
But two minutes later you are able to do so with Tusken Raiders and presumably kill them. With the recent outing of some fans about the amount of people of colour and women in Episode VII, i’m not sure how to think about a couple of guys in white armor being knocked out while members of a culture of desert dwellers are eliminated on sight.
Yes, the Tusken Raiders aren’t a nice group of people judging from the Kenobi novels (which isn’t canon anymore), but as i said, kids game.
To be fair, you’re shooting Stormtroopers later too, i just thought it to be odd at the beginning.

Here are a few screenshots from the game:


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