Comic Reviews 44/52 (2015)

  • Battling Boy vol.3: The Fall Of The House Of West (2015)
  • Master Keaton vol.4 (2015, engl.)

Battling Boy vol.3: The Fall Of The House Of West

Another year, another volume of Battling Boy. But like the one that we got last year, this one does not feature the titular character but focus on the events before the death of Haggard West.
Aurora West, daughter of Haggard is still conducting her investigations in her mother’s death, all while training to be an equal associate to her father in the quest to keep the city of Arcopolis save from monsters. But will the truth ease her troubled mind or open up another can of troubles? Rise has been removed from the title….
The Fall is another great piece in the mosaic that is the Battling Boy series. While Paul Pope is only involved in writing the story, while art is supplied by David Rubin. And that is kind of a bummer. The artwork is very Pope-esque, with the lettering further strengthening the impression, but it does feel overwhelming sometimes. This certainly helps communicate Aurora’s inner turmoil but could be a deal breaker for less patient readers.
It is an enjoyable read, fuether deepening Aurora West and giving us a bit more background on the monsters that trouble Arcopolis.

I’m ready for volume four.
(Next Star Wars movie will be out then too. They are all planning an attack on our wallets! Get yourself to safety!!)

Master Keaton vol.4 (2015, engl.)

Another excellent tome! The story of a half japanese/british ex-SAS officer turned insurance investigator with a degree in archeology sound good to you, then this is your jam!
The artwork is very clean and laid out well. Almost every single story from this volume could have filled a whole tome, but with the efficient storytelling it feels like a well thought through and executed serving of smaller portions. It is nice to see the small, personal stories, for example to relieve a troubled boys conscience, handled with the same care as the bigger stories, like the solving of a riddle that will point to a traitor responsible for the genocide of his people.
And throughout all of them, Taichi Keaton remains the humble guardian angel, only resorting to his military training when necessary.

You can start with any volume and read your way back or forth from there, but volumes three and four where the most balanced overall.

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