Comic Reviews 43/52 (2015)

  • East Of West no.21 (2015)
  • Transformers vs. G.I. Joe no.9 (2015)
  • Atomic Robo and The Ring Of Fire no.2 (2015)
  • Karnak no.1 (2015)
  • Book Of Death: The Fall Of X-O Manowar no.1 (2015)
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.4 (2015)
  • Weirdworld no.5 (2015)
  • Ivar, Timewalker no.10 (2015)
  • Usagi Yojimbo no.149 (2015)
  • aama vol.3: The Desert Of Mirrors

East Of West no.21 (2015)

As much as dig this title and enjoyed reading this issue i wish it would adopt a european model of being published once a year in a thicker volume. Hickman’s work is a good example what is wrong wih comics, it’s a business that requires constant output. But a running series that is not Saga will fade from readers attention, so it is a necessity to crank out fresh number ones, each one crushing the bones of its predecessor.
Did i mention that it is a neat issue that sets up the next stage of the conflict between the nations? The art is great as always. I like how the characters seem to look like further evolved humans from fairy tale.
But reading it collexted certainly helps with keeping one in the loop.

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe no.9 (2015)

Why are there still people out there complaining about this comic? If it is not for you, either don’t read it or don’t talk about it. Hmm, that is an advice i could use.
Anyway, we get to see what happened while the Transformers where still hibernating aboard the Arc and what it meant to humankind, as well as the history of a certain character’s family.
As always, it is presented in a dreamlike quality, that tikes time to adapt to, but once you’re settled is very enjoyable.
Not for everybody, but if you have no idea about both franchises and are not big on mainstream comics, then this has been made for you!

Atomic Robo and The Ring Of Fire no.2 (2015)

As enjoyable as ever. The creators have grown since the first Atomic Robo issue, which was already a very enjoyable read. With the odds as high as in this arc, you can’t help but wonder how everybody will make ot out of it, and in what state they will find themselves.
But first, it’s boat and Kaijus.

Karnak no.1 (2015)

From the company that publishes Star Wars related comics comes a completely new and unique character!
What, he’s been around since 1965?
Inhumans? Lets call Mr. Ellis and gove him a five issue run on the guy, we’ll figure out the rest afterwards.

That is how i imagine the meeting regarding this book. And while it is enjoyable to see Warren Ellis do the Moon Knight with another character it feels like a repetition with the Spider Jerusalem of philosophy-level set to eleven. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but i wonder if it is the result of expectations. Ellis writes him, so he has to be.
But in the hands of a lesser writer, the story of a guy who can dismantle a steel door with the touch of his nose would have been a less good comic.
And the art in it reflects Karnak’s internal state. Fluid, but firm. A non-newtonian fluid.

Book Of Death: The Fall Of X-O Manowar no.1 (2015)

Valiant is on fire! I apologize for ever doubting the need of new Valiant comics!
Like every other Fall Of title, this one deals with the end of a major character from the Valiant universe. And Aric’s end is a very emotional one. Even after his death, he is still protecting his people, but this time not only with his fists, but also with the wisdom that he gained through the ages.
This book had it all, great art, action and emotions.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.4 (2015)

Phew, that issue a calming one. And it might even reveal an interesting link between what we see being done to Poe Dameron in the movie and what his Mother brings home with her from a trip with Luke Skywalker.
This mini-series might have been a miss with some people who thought it centers around the lives of the main cast from THE TRILOGY, and in some instances we get a small amount of time with them, but the main story, which it is only showing a few glimpses of, is about how the war is only the beginning of change, there is more work ahead once one faction has lost more than the other, and there is guilt about not having the strenght to continue the fight once the war is over.
Or i’m just interpreting what i want into it.

Weirdworld no.5 (2015)

The gift that keeps on giving. If it the price point wasn’t so high.
Weirdworld was a great tie-in title to Secret Wars. And seeing Crystar is such a great moment. Michael Del Mundo’s artwork is beautiful to look at, and enhances the “weird” nature of the comic. It is sad to see it end so abruptly but they are already setting up the coming ongoing series, which i am looking forward to.

Ivar, Timewalker no.10 (2015)

Looking for a clever book that is also funny? Look no further! From the beginning, Ivar, Timewalker has been a joy to read. It also is a showcase in how tight the Valiant ship is run, plucking characters and events from rich timeline that has been established over the last years.
And there are dinosaurs in it. Unusual dinosaurs.

Usagi Yojimbo no.149 (2015)

A great issue. As usual it is about honor and duty in the days of the samurai, but this time it is also a comment on consumerism, individuality, greed and how all those factors blind ones judgement.

aama vol.3: The Desert Of Mirrors (2015)(engl. version)

While advancing the story only by a small bit, the penultimate volume of aama packes quite a punch. aama is out and about, showing us some disturbing creatures that wear the faces of their pray chasing after the protagonists, and a few pages later puts them into one of the most calming environments i have ever seen in a comic.
The end of this volume leaves Verloc with a clearer state of mind. He has to work through a few personal things in this, and its interesting to witness the process.
He has a goal and the means to achieve it. But is that a good thing?

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