Comic Reviews no.42/52 (2015)

  • Paper Girls no.1 (2015)
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.2 (2015)
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.3 (2015)
  • Secret Wars no.6 (2015)
  • Invincible Iron Man no.1 (2015)

Paper Girls no.1 (2015)

What a twist!
But I’m getting ahead of myself, this comic is far better than I anticipated. The characters are fleshed out within a few pages, Cliff Chiang’s artwork is great, although I was under the impression that Chris Bachalo was drawing it and was a bit confused at first.
I really enjoyed the issue. Although it is set in the 80s it feels contemporary (because the female part of humankind could still be treated better) and there is the mentioned twist at the end that has me look forward to issue 2..

Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.2 (2015)

So it is confirmed. And I fear for the life of Poe’s parents.
The Emperor is starting his back up plan, and the first target is his homeworld where Leia and Shara Bey are located.
The artwork is a great. There is a spread with a fight scene within a city that shows that the empire is still a force to be reckoned with.
Looking forward to the next issue.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.3 (2015)

After the last panel of this issue i see a big twist coming in issue three. Greg Rucka won’t allow this kind of happiness….
I hear some complaints about this series, but it is clear that they won’t map out episode VII in this one. And what about all the other supplemental material that grants us a quick fix until the movie comes out?
I’m enjoying this series. All the tie in titles Marvel puts out are at least good in my opinion , and this is no exception.

Secret Wars no.6 (2015)

I like the small facial features that are sprinkled all over this title.
This issue is another set-up for the big finale. But I must say, Doom is a bit inconsistent. He is paving the way to his downfall. Or is he?
Nonetheless I’m still digging the title and am looking forward to see how we get to the all-new all-different Marvel universe.

Invincible Iron Man no.1 (2015)

Seems like this is THE TITLE of the all new all different Marvel universe. It sure looks great, but, yeah….Fractions run on that book was so neat that I’m having a hard time liking anything that came afterwards.

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