Star Wars toy report: The Troopers

Recruits or clones? Who is under the helmets of the soldiers of the first order?

What we have been shown so far is a very good looking update of the
classic armor designs. Yes, they look like the future uniforms of
the employees of a certain company, but nonetheless, an evolution of
the design we’re used to.

As always, here is a photo of the figures currently in my collection:

Hasbro First Order Stormtrooper
3.75″ version

First figure i got.

Like i mentioned above, i really like the design of the Stormtroopers. Even
the white colour of the blasters looks great.

The figure comes with standard articulation, five points, but the sculpt
enables one to get a few good poses out of it.

A detail that delighted me was that you can actually peg the blaster into
the upper leg!

I’m easy to satisfy.

Hasbro First Order Stormtrooper
6″ Black Series

An even greater representation of the Stormtrooper. The articulation and detail on this figure will certainly be bested by the S.H. Figuarts release.

Again, i like the new weapons design. This release even includes a pistol.

Holster!! One that fits both weapons, one at a time.

Somehow, the details on the shoes of the Black Series figures caught my eye
in this wave. Dig the clasp that seems to close the boot or armor plate.

Hasbro Fire Trooper
3.75″ version

While the design of this armor screams dangerous, i’m not that smitten with
it. It conveys the point of this being a lethal tool in the arsenal of the
First Order, bulky armor and a sci-fi flamethrower, but also reminds me of
a design for the the Robocop remake that did not get approved .

I am not sure if the scratch on the helmet is a molding error or a detail.
Either way, i like it, gives the figure a backstory.

Here is a detail of his fuel tank and the handpiece.

Disneystore figure set

A more dynamic pose and a better paintjob sets this one apart from the
other Disneystore figures and makes it look a bit better than the 3.75
figure from Hasbro.

Hasbro First Order Tie-Pilot
3.75 Version

The new uniform reminds me of fetishwear or an officers uniform. And it would fit a pilot, they’re enjoying more priviliges than the regular troopers and flying a plane must already be a very exhilarating experience, steering a vessel through space must be an even more intense high.

The Tie Pilot comes with a liitle pistol, but no place to store it.

I am not sure if i have the time to post another report this week because of a big project at work that will take up a lot of my time for the next two weeks.
Thanks for reading!


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