Star Wars toy report: Finn

Yesterday i read an interesting report about Finn’s background, explaining his name and why he could be able to handle a lightsaber efficiently.
I’m very curious about his background, is he a spy for the resistance, a deserter of the first order or a clone?
Sadly i have to say, currently he’s the character who needs a better action figure.
But with this figure, i also associate a sad story about force friday. We got to the local toy story very late in the day and my Niece agreed to come along. It was sad to see that Rey and Finn were the figures that nobody seemed to like which was very awkward in the company of a black girl and reminded me of a parent asking his kid if he really wants to buy a toy figure with a skin color other than white.
She doesn’t care about Star Wars, but it made me feel uneasy about what this movie certainly will bring out in people.

But let’s start the orverview. Here is a group shot of all the figures i currently have of Finn:

Hasbro 3.75 inch version

This plastic iteration is a shrunk down, less articulated version of the 6 inch Black series version.
I like the color of the jacket, and you find almost the same details on it. He also comes with the same gun as the Black Series version, but without the paint job.

Hasbro 6 inch Black Series version

Or could the Black Series version be an enlarged version of the 3.75 version? As expected, this figure comes with more articulation and a detailed paint job than it’s smaller version.
I particularly like the details on the jacket and the trousers and shoes.

I have to heat up some water and try to get his gun straightened out, but the weathered paint job on it and on his jacket looks very good.

My biggest problem with the face sculpt are the eyes. ROTJ Luke also has this weird eyes that were painted on looking up. The face sculpts are weak across all the figures, but in Finn’s case, you can see John Boyega.

The absolute best face sculpt is found on the 12 inch version. The Niece, the Wife and me were in awe of that, but i’m not a big fan on the scale. Perhaps if i had the space to display/store them….

Disneystory figure-set version

The pose is great, the pain job is great, but the face reminds me of porcelain figurines or medieval paintings, which somehow is great and „takes you out“ of the whole feeling of the character.
The illusion of fabric on his shirt and trousers is a nice detail.
But again, for two bucks per figure, the Disneystore set is a decent deal.


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