Star Wars toy report: Rey & BB-8

There is a theory that Rey might be the daughter of a senator and a scoundrel, another that she is the relative of a certain Jedi.
I have no idea, but i rather see her as someone who made her mark on the planet Jakku and gets drawn into the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance by Finn’s arrival.
BB-8 is Por Dameron’s droid, and i guess he strands on Jakku and will be Rey and Finn’s reason to meet Poe Dameron.

Here are all plastic iterations of her that currently reside in my collection (that is a lie, i forgot to put the vinyl versions in this group shot):

Hasbro 3.75 inch version

Like every other figure in this line, i am amazed by the sculpt. The face sculpt might not be screen accurate and there are a few paint errors, but the hair and clothing look great.
My big gripe, like with every other figure from the 3.75 inch range, is the inclusion of the collect and connect item instead of an extra part for the figure, in Rey’s case, i’d like to have them include her desert gear. But you can get it with buying her vehicle. But we get a backpack that looks neat.

Black Series 6 inch version

The Black Series version is neat too, i’m just a bit bothered by the paintjob on the face. Perhaps Reyis a more stern/serious character, then it fits perfectly.

What i kind of dig the rosy cheeks. The first thought i had when seeing her was “She’s healthy.”
But the lips….why was lipstick painted on them? Accentuating them would have looked better.
Her hair is another detail i like.

Also, the hands are bit strange. I haven’t had the chance to get a decent pose out of her holding her staff.
But i want to finish this on a high note, which for me are her bag and her shoes.

Can’t help myself, but those two things make the figure feel whole to me.
Disney Store vinyl version

I’m a bit biased about the figure. I like the pose but like it is with Kylo Ren, we talk about a three bucks vinyl figure, for that money you get a decent figure.
The face paint is somehow awesome. She looks determined and is on her way to tick off one or more names.

Black Series BB-8

I like this droid. He feels like a natural extension of the droids we saw in THE TRILOGY. A droid with a round body gets around easier and if properly constructed, is able to maneuver harsher territory.
I’m really excited about the character of BB-8. Will he just be an updated version of R2D2 in a movie that will future the astromech droid?

The paintjob and details of the figure are great, balancing him is a though act.
Otherwise he’s a great, static, representation of BB-8.

All photos ©by


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