Star Wars toy report: Poe Dameron

To me he feels like the Han Solo of the new trio. In the book Moving Target he gets mentioned, and it seems that he is one of the biggest assets of the Resistance.

Could his motivation be linked to the protagonists of the comic Shattered Empire, members of the Rebellion who fought at the battle of Endor who could be his parents?

Hasbro’s 3,75 inch figures

Currently i own two of the 3,75 inch figures, in his pilot get up and what seems to be a uniform.

Pilot version

Despite the banana visor and the fact that the helmet is not removable i’m happy with the figure. (Yes, the pilot version that comes with the X-Wing seems to be painted with a more movie accurate colour tone and the helmet is removable, but currently i don’t have the space to display the vehicle properly.)

“Civil” version

I really dig his expression, although there are paint errors on his face. It does not look anything like Oscar Isaac, but it brings out the Han Solo nature i see in the character.

His jacket matches the worn on the Finn figure, a garment of the Resistance i presume.

Buying both figures enables one to build a helmet-less pilot version.


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