Star Wars toy report: Kylo Ren

When we saw Kylo Ren’s mask for the first time in the second teaser for The Force Awakens my initial thought was “cheap Vader knock-off”. The mask reminded me of protection gear for snowboarders, not something that exactly screams villian.
But being able to handle a toy of the character changed my view of it. The mask has more of a tribal character to it, i imagine it to be a piece of ritual paraphernalia, perhaps a piece that is not unique to Kylo Ren but the uniform of the Knights Of Ren? The cloak reminds me of monks, which would fit with the rumors that he is part of an organisation that plans in cloning Vader.

So here is a shot of all the plastic iterations i currently own of Kylo Ren.

Overall i’m happy with all of them. But lets take a detailed look at all of them:

Hasbro’s 3,75 inch version

The 3,75 inch version is already a great toy. Five points of articulation might be a dealbreaker for many, but i take a well made sculpt over a crazy amount of articulation.
All the details are there, his posture is slighty hunched and makes him seem larger than any of the other characters. I dig the tip of his left shoe peeking out from under his robe in particular.
Speaking of his legs, it is nice to see that the trousers have been sculptes with a few wrinkles to look like a he is wearing a garment, even though they are part of the robe.

The price point for the 3.75″ figures bothers me. The extra weapons don’t justify the 14,99 that some vendors are charging. Would have been nice to skip the add-on parts and try to keep the price at or below 10 bucks.

Disney Store vinyl figure

This version is part of a set sold exclusievly in Disney-Stores.
At first glance, the figure looks great, put in a dynamic pose that suggest that he is either defending himself or preparing an attack, enhanced by the slight fluttering of his hood.

But there are two shortcomings:

  • Two marks on the blade of his lightsaber which are probably results of the moulding process.
  • Colour variations in the base as well as a chip in it.

Both are not that severe given the price point of the figure, about three euros per figure after shipping, and even with those shortcomings he is one of the better figures from that set.
And the cosmetic damages on the lightsaber blade and the base can be made less severe with a paintjob and some sanding paper.

Hasbro 6 inch Black Series

My favourite version so far. It seems i was lucky enough to have snatched a “good” version. The soft goods on the figure are well made and are actually enhancing his look. Vader’s cape is still a catastrophe for me (but i’m about to replace it). The robes lenght is debatable, but for me, it’s the right fit.

I’m still deceiding on wether to get Bandai’s version, which will be released under their S.H. Figuarts line of figures.
Being the maniac i am i’ll probably get it and the First Order Stormtrooper.

Next up is Poe Dameron.


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