Comic Reviews 38/52

  • Copra no.23
  • The Auteur: Sister Bambi no.4 (2015)
  • Sex Criminals no.12 (2015)
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier no.11 (2015)
  • Doctor Fate no.4 (2015)

Copra no.23 (2015)

An energetic issue. No.22 ended with a cliffhanger and the promose for action that this issue delivered.

There are two neat storytelling twists which aknowledge the readers intelligence instead of laying everything out in front of him.

The storytelling combined with Michel Fiffe’s art is a great package. Like i mentioned in the beginning, it is energetic and pulls the reader into the action without disorienting him.

My only gripe withCopra is the exclusiveness it maintains. Two trades are available with a third one being in the works, but if you want to stay in the loop you have to check out Michel Fiffe’s etsy site.

But although it is a comic that isn’t as easy to get as other indipendent titles, Mr. Miffe’s work ethic has to be appreciated. His release schedule is consistent and he keeps the reader in the loop if there is a hiccup.

The Auteur: Sister Bambi no.4 (2015)

One word: Awesome! Dig this comic beyond words! What is also amazing is, that “Get to the chopper” makes a generation of people chuckle at least.

But there is so much thoughts about the nature of creativity, the futility of pursuing to much money and fame….every issue sings to me.

Sex Criminals no.12 (2015)

It’s great to see comics used as tools. Sex Criminals is an educational tool. Its not just about sex, it is about the human condition it sets out to broaden your horizon while watching people flee from a magical girl/tentacle monster.

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier no.11 (2015)

The end. At least i think that’s it for writer Ales Kot’s run on the book. And what a glorious thing it is. The end treats us with more intelligence than your usual superhero comic, but this whole series was about more than superheroes. It was about choice, and where it leads, beautifully illustrated.

Doctor Fate no.4 (2015)

Another one of those books DC will most likely be axed for meat and potatoes.

But there is a reason for it in this case. While the good Doctor is one of my favourite figures in the DC Multiverse, and while this time we get an interesting character to wear the helmet of Nabu, the story itself drags on endlessly. If there is a trade of this series in the works, i wonder how long it will be and if it will be as tiring as reading it in single issues.

Also, come on, why do you force the guy to adopt the name Kent?

But the artwork is great! The flood and the magic nature of the story required a cartoonish/twitchy/colourful art and Sonny Liew fits the bill.


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