game review: Machi Koro

We are enamored by this game!
For those who don’t know it, it is a card game about building a city. The one who builds four major locations wins the game, the only resource of the game are tokens, which stand for money, but imagination can make anything out of the numbers.

While the core game mechanic seems rather easy, every card enables you to either gain or loose tokens depending on the roll of a dice.
And most reviews of the game are not happy about the dice based mechanic because it makes the game to luck depended for them. Isn’t every game that uses dice to determine which mechanics are used luck depended?

The Niece, the Wife, the Sis in-law, my Dad and me can vouch for this game. The first two games are necessary to get the rules into ones system, but it is a fun ride from there on.
And the Wife developed a new house rule to make the game a bit more tactical.

We’re currently playing the german version, IDW games have released an english version and there are two expansions out as well. The first expansion in german will be out in the fall.

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