Filled two blind spots in my collection

Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck: The Don Rosa Library vol.1 & 2 (Fantagraphics)


Although my Dad had a subscruption for the german publication of the weekly Disney magazine and german publishers crank out an insane amount of beautiful made related product, i never became a big fan of Disney material, except for Duck Tales and Don Rosa’s The lifes and times of Scrooge McDuck. So i thought it might be time to start to close this gap in my comic reading experience.
Started to read the first volume today, and i’m amazed how nice it reads. Even without any sense of nostalgia.

Don Rosa’s art is beautiful. Here’s an example:


The upper left panel looks amazing. The look in Glomgold’s eyes makes me shiver a bit. He looks like he will shoot Uncle Scrooge and his newphews any moment.

Orion by Walt Simonson Omnibus


I’ve long debated whether to get this one or not because the backup matter from the single issues this collection is comprised of wasn’t put into it in chronological order, but as a seperate section in the back. Mr. Simonson is upset about this, but Chris Sims of Comics Alliance convinced me that i should get a faulty copy (i don’t know where the fault is, the dustjacket has a small dent, otherwise it is fine).

Now, i am not that keen on Simonson’s art, but the price was right and i’m always happy to read Fourth World material. Browsing through the volume i must admit, it surely is epic in scope.


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