read: LastMan vol.2: The Royal Cup (2015)

This volume ends a story thread i assumed to run through the entirety of the title but brings another one into the foreground. The art is a hit and miss thing. Its an energetic book, its about a MMA&M (Magic) tournament after all, and while it certainly celebrates the art of only rendering what is necessary, it can be a bit off putting on the second look.
What i’m a bit disappointed with is the presentation. I’ve seen the french and german version, and those contain a few coloured pages as well as stickers and a production diary. The german edition costs twice as much as the french original (french one has an extra dust cover) but i understand that to keep the costs down, first second cut the extras to keep the costs on par with the original.
The german translation is shit….its "germany german" and thats always a hard on the ears when emulating "hip jargon".
Anyways, neat story with an interesting gimmick paired with interesting art and a great presentation if you speak french.

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