52comics [24]: Rasputin


written by: Alex Grecian
art by: Riley Rossmo
colours by: Ivan Plascencia
letters by: Thomas Mauer
published by Image Comics

In one night Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot in the head, and drowned, then tied up and thrown in a frozen river. But how did he get from Siberia to the Winter Palace? And why did it take so much hard work to kill him? This is a supernatural reimagining of the “mad monk” by the national bestselling author of novels The Yard and The Devil’s Workshop, Alex Grecian, and the fan-favorite artist of Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking, Riley Rossmo.

The series is only five issues “old”, and you could argue that not much has happened as of yet and we already know to which conclusion the story is heading, but this book is all about the journey. The title does not try to be an accurate retelling of Rasputin’s life, but takes an interesting approach that is steeped in russian folklore, presenting him as person gifted with the power to heal any ailment while in turn taking on and giving away part of the healed/himself. An interesting metaphor for how we give and take in life. Not always leaving healed people in our wake.
While i am not the biggest appreciator of comic art (which is odd giving how much i like the medium, but my visual vocabulary isn’t as refined as other peoples, and i guess that is why i am also satisfied with what others address as “bad art”), i dig Riley Rossmo’s work on this title. Muting the colour pallete during the flashbacks is also a very good way to convey the story, making the colours in the books present, where we are witnessing Rasputin’s assassination pop even more.

As always, The Book Depository got you covered if you want to get the first collection, coming out in July.

©lies with the respective owners


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