Just a quick rant about missing out on comics

udoI understand that smaller publishers can’t always afford to do a second printing of a comic. Overstocking is a serious problem (in austria there is a tax a publisher has to pay for each stocked item) and (after a cooldown period) i’ve come to terms with this financial reality.
But we are living in 2015, and there is the option of digital stock (which to my knowledge has so far been ignored by the goverments tax bullies) to solve the problem of not being able to afford a second print.
Print in demand is a great idea, but represents a larger financial investment on the customers side, which if the quality of the content or printing is not matched by her/his expectation, could lead to them second guessing another purchase.

Anyway, i’m mad that i can’t read a certain comic and have to hope for a digital release.


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