How important is the ending?

Recently, i thought about great storys from different mediums that never had a proper ending. And while i was upset about that at the time it happened, or in this case, did not happen, now i’m able to appreciate a good story for how long it lasts. Because lets face it, some things start strong and loose their momentum while others gain momentum over the course of their run and then don’t end in the way the viewer hoped.
The oppinions and hopes of the consumer are a whole other topic worth discussing, lets just focus on the act of ending, setting a point when the settings and characters just end “existing” for their creators.

What is preferable, an official ending that isn’t what one hoped for or one that is non-existent?

Currently, i don’t care if there will be an ending as long as the ride is fun. A good example for this is Desolation Jones, a comic from 2003 that had a strong first run and during its second one dissapeared. Back then i was upset with the series just ending right after the beginning of its second run.
Now i get out the collected edition of the first run and enjoy what i got from The creators, Warren Ellis and JG Jones.
There is an ending for the series i’ve written down in a notebook and, in my personal space, counts as canon.

The readers of superhero comics shouldn’t have to much trouble with leaving things unfinished. it’s the nature of superheroes to exist only in their second act, when the stakes are high. To be continued is the credo of our two dimensional heroes. The reaffirming words that tell us, it is ok to take a break from the club of heroes and villians. They will be there for us when we return, perhaps to greet new sets of eyes we introduce them to.

If there won’t be any new publications of their adventures tough, the digital comic exists virtually forever and more and more of the printed population transition to screens of all sizes, be it animated or chanelled by actors.

So, should a missing chapter spoil our enjoyment of the rest of the story, or should we just enjoy the ride while it lasted?


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