The world has changed

The new Thunderbirds Are Go! show might not be that well handled in terms of diversity of its cast of protagonists, but what i dig and somehow gives me a glimpse of hope for the future is the fact that in almost every episode so far (four) someone says “The world has changed.” And judging from the vibe of the show, for the better.
Kids hearing that message in a show where the conflict that drives the narrative is not about punching and shooting other people is a nice change.

And i hope they get something from it.
Because with the recent DC and Marvel events i noticed how tired i am of the same old story dressed up in a fancy new set of clothes. After decades we still want to see our heroes pitted against each other.
The best example how bad we treat our idealised versions of human beings is the Batman vs. Superman teaser. All the misery and negativity this movie will convey is already bottled up in that title. Wouldn’t it be groundbreaking, if the big two icons of DC-Comics started out suspicious of one another, but realised that they pursue the same goals through different means? Those two are big bright (i consider Batman to be bright, everybody on this side of the page knows what he looks like and what his story is) examples of what we aspire to be in our hearts, and what they get is a movie that deals with the question if Superman can bleed.

I would be lying if i’m saying i’m not looking forward to see them fight on the big screen, but i don’t want a whole movie to deal with this nonsensical conflict.
The first Avengers movie got this out of the way in the first half.

rant off


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