review: Darth Vader no.2


Has it already been a month?
Well, Vader is back, lets see if his blade shines brighter this time.

The Emperor has assigned Darth Vader to serve under Admiral Tagge after the disaster that was the destruction of the first Death Star.
Tagge is adamant about showing Vader who’s boss, tarnishing Grand Moff Tarkin’s and his efforts in establishing the planet sized battlestation as the ultimate piece of military equipment at the Emperor’s disposal.
Tagge assigns a watchdog to acompany Vader on a mission to rot out a rebel base. And he knows about Vader emplying bounty hunters for personal reasons.

Kieron Gillen’s writing is stronger in this issue. Darth Vader feels more confident after his demotion by the Empreror in the last issue. Of course the boss is pissed at his number one lets the neighbourhood kids trash his favourite toy, but there has to be more than one guy in the Star Wars universe capable of being Palpatine’s right hand guy. And if the Jedi’s attempt to “dethrone” him back in the days of the Republic left him in a weak state, and he keeps Vader around as personal muscle, shouldn’t he treat him a bit better? That was my resolution for why Vader wasn’t punished more severly after the events of Episode IV.
Vader gets a great action sequence, almost as impressive as in the first issue.
There are some small moments where the person behind the armor comes through, and that is nice to see.

Which brings me to Salvador Larroca’s art. It feels very rushed to me in this issue, but he still remains to communicate a lot of emotion through people’s postures. Something necessary when dealing with a main character that wears a body prothesis all the time, obstructing his face.
But there is that strange panel in wich a Stormtrooper seems to be having a case of melting helmet.

In numbers….3.5 of 5 points.
I like this issue more than the first one, but still, compared to the main title, it lacks something.
Of course we can’t get a 24/7 Vader chockes butts and takes names title, but for somebody who hunted down Jedis and is feared throughout the galaxy he feels a bit off. But then, perhaps Vader is still developing in the storygroup canon and the Emperor is stronger than him (another thing from my personal canon, the Emperor is aware that Vader could kill him if he wished to, and Luke is an even greater treath to his rule).


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