review: The Midas Flesh vol. 1

To my discredit, i must admit that i lost sight of this title. I started reading it when i got into comixology, dug it a lot, but somehow forgot about buying future issues.
Until a certain online retail portal told me that people who liked this, also liked The Midas Flesh vol.1. Consider yourself pre-ordered!

I’ll start the review with an advice: don’t try to peel off the gold fingerprints from the cover. Took me some time to realize what i was trying to achieve while reading.

The Midas Flesh is about three friends, Cooper (the dinosaur from the cover) Fatima and Joey who head to earth.
In the books reality, earth is off limits. The whole planet is surrounded by orbital defense satellites because it’s made of solid gold. Everything/Everyone that touches the surface gets also turned into gold.
The three plan to find out what caused the transformation and if possible, use it against the oppressive government their ruled by.

The art looks like stills from an animated show, with a wee bit of japanese influences. Very dynamic, only accelerating the fast pace in which the story is told.
And it helps make the book accessible for a younger audience, because there are some rather grim themes being discussed, putting a downer on the “us against them” theme that is established at the beginning.
The dialogue is a bit to modern for my tastes, but we need the kids, and the story was made with a younger audience in mind. I’m ok with that fact, i just wanted to put it out there.

This is a title that you can read with your kids and not be bored by it. It has action, adventure but also incorporates serious questions that generally tend to get put aside in the quest to bring peace to the galaxy.

Numbers….4 out of 5.
(i won’t give fives because if i ever encounter such a comic, i’ll stop reading them afterwards in fear of never being able to bring the excitement and joy back)

featured image shows the cover of the trade paperback, made for review purposes
©BOOM! Entertainment

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