But i love my packaging

“Should i open the packaging?” Are you familiar with that question?

Only recently, when i got the Star Wars celebration set of R2D2 and C-3PO in the likeness of Ralph Mcquarries designs, i asked myself that question.
I am one of those guys who can’t wait to get a plastic prisoner out of its cage. When i see mint on card collections, a tingling sensation spreads through my fingers. It looks good when all walls in a room are lined with moc (mint on card) toys, but some of them might look better posed on a shelf.

But then, if you want to sell a toy someday, it might be an advantage to be able to sell it in the best condition possible. I experienced this when my brother and i sold our collection of Star Wars figures, some of them moc Kenner figures we paid a pretty penny for, and made a profit.
The possible joy a toy could bring, can’t be fully experienced if one only considers the time he parts with it.
Of course i bought full waves of certain figures, with the intention of selling some of them to finance the acquaintance, but those were figures i did not see a place for in my collection.

Furthermore, it angers me, that aftermarket prices are increased because manufacturers are aware of collectors compulsions, using them to their advance. It surely keeps stores in business that are able to sell exclusive figures, but that also means that some people will only get them through the secondary market, paying a pretty penny extra in the process.
Not everybody dealing in the aftermarket is a scoundrel, but some of those prices aren’t justified.
Here is the part where the “joy of toys” aspect comes in again. There is a certain, i don’t want to use the word sentimental value, desire or compulsion, lets call it unconditional interest in owning a certain toy, and because of that unconditional behaviour we are willing to spend insane amounts of money.
Well, iPads are already overpriced at their release, but they are not seen from the same angle as most people see toy collectors from.

But the question remains: Should one of the most beloved duos of sci-fi history be taken out of their protective shell, or left in there until they end up in a trash compactor or hopefully another person adopts them into their home, and perhaps, grant them some fresh air?

Moc or not? What is your preference and why?

featured photo by Martin Hopkins


7 thoughts on “But i love my packaging”

  1. I open everything I buy, and I do not have a MOC collection. I do have some MOC hot wheels, which are mostly movie related cars (such as the BTTF Delorean or the A-Team Van). The value for MOC is higher, but I feel the enjoyment is less.


    1. I only kept a few He-Mans in packaging. Not sure if their value is higher now.
      How can you keep that Delorian MOC?


      1. I have two. I opened one and kept another MOC. Hot Wheels are easy to grab two of because the cost is so low


      2. I have to look for them the next time. Completely lost sight of Hot Wheels. Someone told me that the prices for them increased dramatically over the last couple of years.


      3. Secondary market prices on some models are ridiculous. The scalper market is large and many collector have unethical practices when hunting for them. (e.g., breaking into pallets or backrooms)


      4. That is a big issue. But with some manufacturers i get the feeling that they have no interest in who buys their product and instead focus on getting their warehouses empty.
        Which is understandable, but does not help their reputation *cough*Mattel*cough*.


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