review/read: PulpHope

A used copy of this artbook by Paul Pope just caught dust on a shelf for the last couple of months. Do you know that feeling? When you acquired a book (and i could write a post chronicling the acquisition history of this book called “Paul and Martin vs. the Post Authority”), but you don’t start to read it immediately, waiting to give it its proper time?
Well, my recent case of pneumonia offered me a few moments of time, so i thought i’d start reading it.

Paul Pope is an interesting person. Not only is he one of the most sought after/talented artists in comics, the essays that accompany PulpHope_Solohis graphic work in PulpHope gives the reader an interesting look into  his thoughts, his work process/ethics as well as educating us about japanese art and culture. I wish he would also write a book about whatever comes to his mind. There were moments when i would have rather read more than looked at artwork.

And what gorgeous artwork the reader is treated to! Of course it bursts with Pope’s lush and energetic brush work, like watching a cartoon that suddenly froze, and you anticipate the picture to move again in a few moments.
Gorgeous women, posters, material from his work for Kodansha, Pulphope_KirbyTHB and his other comic work as well as rather private diary drawings, one had me chuckle in particular, when one of his nephews asks him if he’s a videogame character because he a always wears the same clothes, are the bread of this book.
The essays are the butter, enhancing the taste of the already delicious base.

I’m not aware of any reprints being in circulation since the original release in 2007, but perhaps there is a chance of FirstSecond putting out an updated version after Battling Boy is finished and the new prints of THB are in circulation.
Until then….well, i had to work a few over hours to justify the purchase.

photos taken for review purposes
©goes to the respective owner


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