look at this: KillSixBillionDemons

Kill 6 Billion Demons is one of the best things i’ve read last year,

and i’m still looking forward to every update! The art is insane, dynamic and it feels new. Eric Stephenson already asked if the artist doing it (who’s name i could not find out) is considering a print version!
And there are the written passages and the wiki that gives it a lot more wheight and makes it this crazy ride through the mythological/religous inspired world.

The story starts with two people making out, when suddenly a “knight” enters the room, chased by a host of other knights. Before the single knight gets killed by the hunting party he jams some sort of key into the girls head while her partner gets abducted by them. She gets her mind blown by the key and follows him into a world of angels, demons and other crazy things. With the help of a warrior monk she heads out to rescue her boyfriend.
Even if he seems to be a dick.

Do yourself a favour! You know you earned it! Klick here!

If you don’t believe me, klick here to get five reasons to read it.

featured image from this update.
©lies with the respective owner


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