aren’t you a bit small for a Sith Lord?

I planned on reading a few news and then fall into bed. Then the news hit.

This came up on the Fwoosh.
Bandai sent out their release schedule and revealed that Vader clocks in at 155mm. So, i’d like to get my sweaty little meathooks on a Black Line 6″ Darth Vader. He looks crap in most photos i’ve seen of him, but he’s in scale to the rest of the line.
Please Bandai, release the rest of the planned figures and a few more. Or i’ll just pick up the Hot Toys one that is coming up later this year and be over with.

And Bandai is also doing Avengers: Age Of Ultron figures.
So far, Iron Man in his mark43 armor looks great.

featured image from Bandai’s press release

Now i’m off to bed.
Good night everyone! (or good morning!, or good appetite!, depends on the time zone you’re in)

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